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Two manipulated puzzles depicting an identical city-scape: New York, shortly before September 2001
Each puzzle 660mm X 470mm

Katja Gentric

Liberté Égalité

  • A gift from France after the American civil war, the Statue of Liberty has become a powerful symbol central to the American dream. She is reproduced on countless tourist souvenirs, post cards and puzzles. Only in this case the puzzle-maker has gone out of hand, turned terrorist he represents New York where the brotherly towers have disappeared, they have been levelled, 'made even', 'égalisés',' egalig gemaak'. He also admits that the sign of the friendship between the French and the American people is in peril, the statue has taken the liberty to dive off her pedestal on Liberty Island, leading the people - where? What would Delacroix and Bartoldi say if they knew that they were now called war criminals?

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