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Willem Boshoff


Sand on plywood, thorns from the kei apple (Dovyalis caffra)

Box frame: 1200mm (width) X 1040mm (height) X 115mm (depth)

Work without box frame: 1020mm (width) X 865mm (height)

Collection: Trevor Noah, TV personality, New York


Like most artists I have my list favourite art heavyweights. I have already paid homage to Kurt Schwitters in one of my works and for some time now I thought that I should pay tribute to Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). Mondrian was a painter of trees and I often think of myself as a man of trees. I have used botanical references in my Garden of Words series and I am drawn to different species of wood in my wooden sculptures. I especially like the development of natural ramified tree structures into geometric configurations.

Remembering Mondrian


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