Granite with sandblasted writing.

300 Water Nymphs


    Aba – a nymph of springs, wells or fountains in the town of Ergiske in Kikonia

    Abarbarea – a Naiad nymph, daughter of the river god Aesepus

    Acaste – a water nymph and one of the Oceanids

    Acheloides – a nymph of the Achelous river

    Actaea – the most beautiful of the Naiads

    Admete – Oceanid, a companion of Persephone

    Adrasteia – a water nymph, charged by Rhea with nurturing the infant Zeus

    Aegaeides – Aegaeus river on the island of Scheria

    Aegina – a water nymph of the island Aegina

    Aegle – a nymph, daughter of Panopeus, beloved by Theseus

    Aesepides – a nymph of the Aesepus river in Anatolia

    Aethra – a nymph and one of the Oceanids

    Aganippe – a Naiad of the fountain Aganippe

    Aia – a nymph of the streams of the scenic village of Aia, Spain

    Albunea – water nymph in Roman mythology

    Alcinoe – a Naiad, and one of the nymphs of Mount Lykaios, Arkadia

    Alexirhoe – daughter of the river god Grenikos

    Alseids – nymphs living in the springs of rivers flowing seawards

    Amaltheia – a goat-tending water nymph, daughter of Oceanus

    Amathia – a Nereid sea nymph, helpful towards sailors fighting perilous storms

    Amnisiades – a nymph of the Amnisos river on the island of Crete

    Amphinome – a of the sea’s bounty, literally “she of the surrounding pasture”

    Amphiro – an Oceanid nymph indicated as “the surrounding flow”

    Amphithoe – a Nereid sea nymph addressed as “she who moves swiftly around”

    Amphitrite – a Nereid sea nymph, consort of Poseidon respected as “the third element”

    Amymone – a Naiad nymph of the spring of Amymone at Lerna, Argolis

    Anchirhoe – a Naiad nymph, daughter of the river-god Nilus

    Anigrides – a nymph of the Anigros river in Elis

    Anigrides – nymphs and daughters of the river god Anigros

    Anippe – a Naiad Nymph of the River Nile in Egypt

    Annaed – a Naiad water nymph respected for her great beauty and grace

    Anthedon – a Naiad Nymph of the well or fountain of Anthedon, Boiotia

    Anthracia – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus

    Appias – a nymph in Roman mythology

    Apseudes – a sea nymph, one of the Nereids

    Archidemia – a naiad belonging to the Pegaeae family and from the spring Archidemia

    Arethusa – a nereid nymph who became a fountain

    Argia – daughter of Oceanus and a water nymph of the Tiber River in Rome

    Argyra – a nymph residing in a well in Achaia, southern Greece

    Asia – nymph of the Asian region sister to Europa

    Asopides – a nymph of the Asopus river in Sicyonia and Boeotia

    Asopis – a nymph of the springs and stream of Metope near Stymphalos, Arkadia

    Astakides – nymphs of Lake Astakos, Bithynia

    Asterionides – a nymph of the Asterion river

    Asterodia – the Naiad nymph of a gold-bearing stream of the Kaukasos mountains

    Autonoe – a nymph of the River Nile and daughter of the Naiad nymph Polyxo

    Bateia – a Naiad nymph who married King Oebalus of Sparta

    Beroe – an Oceanid Nymph of the city of Beruit in Phoenicia (Lebanon)

    Bistonis – a nymph in Greek mythology who gave birth to a son of Ares, god of war

    Bolbe – a nymph of lake Thessalian

    Byze – one of the Erasinides, nymphs of the Erasinos River in Argos

    Byzia – a naiad said to have raised Byzas founder of Byzantium

    Caliadne – a naiad nymph of the river Nile and a daughter of the river-god Nilus

    Callianassa – a Nereid sea nymph and daughter of Nereus and Doris

    Callianira – one of the Nereids, sea-nymphs in Greek mythology

    Calliphaea – one of the three Ionides nymphs, a sisterhood of water nymphs

    Callirrhoe – a naiad sea nymph and the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys

    Calypso – a nymph in Greek mythology, who lived on the island of Ogygia

    Camarina – an Oceanid nymph presiding over a fountain in Kamarina, Sicily

    Capheira – an Oceanid nymph of the island of Rhodes, caring for the storm-clouds

    Carian Naiades – Naiad nymphs of the springs and rivers of Karia, Anatolia

    Castalia – a nymph transformed by Apollo into a fountain at Delphi

    Cerceis – an Oceanid nymph, one of the 6000 daughters of Oceanus

    Ceto – an Indian Oceanid Naiad nymph loved by the sun-god Helios

    Chalcis – a Naiad nymph of a fresh-water spring of Khalkis on the island of Euboia

    Charybdis – once a beautiful Naiad, converted into a sea mons