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Media Performance


Artist: Willem Boshoff, *Vereeniging, South Africa

Lives and work in Johannesburg, South Africa


Gallery: Goodman Gallery

ZA-2193 Johannesburg, 163 Jan Smuts Avenue

Phone +27 11 788 11 13;   Fax: +27 11 788 98 87;

Director Liza Essers

Big Druid in his Cubicle - Basel

  • Artwork Description: South African artist Willem Boshoff lived like a druid for much of his life. For the duration of Art Basel, Boshoff will reside in a custom made cubicle where the spectator can observe Big Druid  in his otherworldly battles with shadows, aesthetic constructs and words. His irregular sleeping pattern dictates that he sleeps and meditates at unforeseen times of the day or night. He only leaves his cubicle for meals, ablutions and solitary druidic walks in the mornings or afternoons. Big Druid works on the computer, writing druidic dictionaries, plotting philosophical strategies and documenting his experiences and his large collection of diviners’ articles. The cubicle has an area of retreat and contains the divination collection. It is fitted with exhibition shelves and a work area where Big Druid makes and shows artworks and thought processes behind them, which reflect on the outcome of his extravagant druidic insights and multivagant itinerary.


    Boshoff is the author of several dictionaries, including the Dictionary of Colour, the Dictionary of Manias and Phobias, the Dictionary of Morphology, the Dictionary of

    –ologies and –isms, and the Dictionary of Beasts and Demons, as well as the Dictionary of Winds, and the Dictionary of Obscure Financial Terms.

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