Facilitated by the Centre Pompidou Accelerations Edowment Fund and at the invitation of Matthias Leridon, Founder of Tilder Communication Agency and Co Chair of the African Artists for Development endowment fund, in September 2018 Willem Boshoff participated in a unique meeting between the artistic and corporate worlds. The event was hosted by the Pompidou Museum in Paris, France (www.centrepompidou.fr and www.tilder.com). The event included a summit and an exhibition around the theme The Power of Emotion, bringing together professionals in the research, science and economic spheres, artists, originators and CEOs and organisations from all over the world.


Willem Boshoff is an advocate for the disadvantaged and culturally excluded. The ongoing Blind Alphabet Project (originating in 1993) evokes societal inequality in relation to the visually challenged. The Blind Alphabet transcribes a myriad of rare and complex words into tangible sculptures to be experienced through the sense of touch by the blind, to the sighted. Though usually marginalised within society, here the visually challenged are afforded a privileged position. The sighted cannot see for themselves the morphological representation of each word, as it is obscured inside a steel cabinet covered by a mesh lid, with its definition presented in a Braille text on the lid.


Fifteen words from the Blind Alphabet Series F were exhibited on a thematic exhibition to accompany the summit. Words beginning with the letter F included

Fossulate, Fungilliform, Forniciform, Flagellifrom and Fusiform, each represented sculpturally.


Of course, the work also questions how we perceive and claim knowledge.

Blind Alphabet F