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Manure, glue, wood
3000mm X 2100mm


Cacoethes Scribendi

  • Cacoethes scribendi: An insanable, compulsive itch to write something bad, often on toilet walls or desks in the classroom. In general cacoethes is any incurable disease, or bad habit that cannot be corrected.


    When Boshoff succumbs to this urge to write, he cannot leave 'issues' alone. Pressed to tell us when his itch to scribble started he will tell us that it was during an argument about gender issues, feeling helplessly accused and always on the 'wrong' side, excluded by those defining themselves as victims. Facing the paradoxical emotions of being smothered by good intentions, arriving at the emergency room just when it happens to be the lunch break, Boshoff needs to put it into words, bluntly, 'I have a big problem with women, I have a big problem with universal standards, I have a big problem with world peace'. He avoids, however, naming the obvious like 'crime', 'rape' and 'hijackings'.


    Selecting only those 'issues' that are labelled 'good' by charitable consensus but have become treacherously subverted in reality, Boshoff writes his very personal and startling 'big problem' list in an unusual and derisive medium - obtained from fowls, cattle and sheep.

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