Children of the Stars



A series of sculptures inspired by the heritage site known as the Cradle of Humankind
Belfast Black granite quarried at Boschpoort Granite, Belfast, Mpumalanga
Quarry master and production: Frans Haarhoff
Sandblasted texts are taken from the Genesis myth (chapter 9) regarding the origin of languages

1. Big B
Placed in combination with Little B
Dimensions: 3300mm (length) X 850mm (width) X 1680mm (height)
Approximate weight: 8 ton
Languages (As read from top to bottom): 1. Maori, 2. Thai, 3. English, 4. Luchazi, 5. Finnish, 6. Bulgarian, 7. Sundanese
Collection: Benji Liebman

2. Little B
Placed in combi