Venue: Katie and Pieter du Toit’s farm Rietfontein between De Aar and Hanover, Great Karoo

Measurements: 40 metres (length) X 5.9 metres (width)

Materials: 160 large bags of firewood, 50 bales of straw, 1 drum of diesel fuel, 110 litres of fire gel, lime/chalk

Fire extinguisher truck on standby

Artwork text on the ground: “Piss-off!” with typeface in Arial bold

Assistants on site

Katie and Pieter du Toit

Klara-Marié den Heijer (measurements and scale of text)

Miné Kleynhans (event coordinator)

9 Students of the University of the Free State

Photographic prints

1. EARTH SIGNAL chalk lines

2. EARTH SIGNAL stacked wood

3. EARTH SIGNAL white ash

Printing: Silvertone International, Johannesburg

Film and documentary

Wicus de Wet (Aerial Scope Imaging with drone filming)

Jaco Spies (on-site video)

Jürgen Marx (editing)

Jaco Spies, Karen Boshoff (production)

Documentary film in progress

Earth Signal