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Height: 1940mm; width: 2300: depth: 275mm ('cupboard opened)
Height: 1940mm; width: 1090: depth: 275mm ('cupboard closed)
Splintered wood
Collection: University of South Africa


  • KASBOEK literally translates as 'cupboard-book', but kasboek in Afrikaans is actually 'cash-register', making it sound as if the piece deals with calculations and balance sheets, which it does indirectly.


    The work has four doors that open into a shattered triptych of splintered wood. When closed the splinters form a smooth tight-fitting pattern that does not belie the devastation within. KASBOEK refers to books that, for most of their lives, remain closed - we only open them when we need to. Sculpture, unlike books, tends to be 'in one's face' all the time and soon after a sculpture is put on exhibition, the frequent viewing of it causes aesthetic fatigue and one begins to ignore it. The fragmented wood alludes to microscopic paper-fibre and was made by smashing up wood with an axe, thus enacting a kind of crucifixion.

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