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"KykAfrikaans is one of the most remarkable books ever published in South Africa. More than twenty years after it first appeared it still looks unlike anything else produced here. It was without precedent and has found no imitators. What makes it more remarkable is that its author was on the fringes of the tradition of concrete poetry in which it belongs.


In the late seventies, he is working in a tradition that is hardly visible in South Africa, a neglect which the appearance of his book does little to change. In recent years, as his reputation as an artist has grown, it is his poems in the more purely concrete style, the works of 'visual literature', that have come back to the surface, for obvious reasons. Although some of them are better known as prints, my reading favours the original versions as they appeared in the book forms."



KykAfrikaans (Ivan Vladislavic published in Willem Boshoff Taxi-011)


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