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52 Neckties, engraved silver plates, metal clips, cloth, softboard, wood
2315mm (w) 1215 (h)

Nice Guys

  • What luck for rulers that men do not think - Adolf Hitler


    The neckties in NICE GUYS are all my own. The oldest one dates back to my high school days in the sixties. I used to wear them to work and to special occasions like marriages, church services and formal meetings. I had no reason to wear them for the last eleven years. They lay dormant since the day I left the teaching profession in order to dedicate more of my time to the making of artworks. As flamboyant items 'close to the heart' I decided to dedicate them to the artwork NICE GUYS.


    Each tie represents a personality who has featured significantly in international news. The 'personalities' are featured in two lines of ties, one above the other - individuals standing in two rows. Under each tie is a small engraved silver plate with a name and a number .


    I withhold comment on what the numbers might signify and in spite of comprehensive research done for NICE GUYS, I realise that the numbers can only be estimates.

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