12 X small blocks of granite; each block: 90mm X 90mm
Each block carrying one of the twelve letters of the title

Katja Gentric and Willem Boshoff

Serial Killer

  • The letters for this work were 'found' in a newspaper headline for a story about some having turned serial killer and needing psychological supervision. In the head of an experienced crossword-puzzler the words turned into an anagram: 'ISRAEL KILLER'. This play on words seemed needlessly offensive at first. But two days later the targeted killings of Hamas leaders started. Sheik Ahmed Yassin was killed in his wheel-chair by missiles shot from a helicopter on 22 March 2004. Since then, day-to-day news coverage adds question upon question to these titles: Who is the victim, who is the bully? Who stole whose toys? Who picked up the first stone? Why? Israel, Israel, what are you doing? Thou that killest ...