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Shredded Evidence

  • The following one-liners bound up in SHREDDED EVIDENCE are discriminations for which South Africa earned international notoriety in the past. Today these disreputable practices ought to rest in the collective archive, but unfortunately, and all too often, they remain in place in the disreputable, informal exploits of die-hards. The shredded items appear here in Afrikaans and English - in the past South Africa favoured only these two official languages, ignoring at least nine other major languages.


    Ons manne op die grens - Our boys on the border
    Dompas - Pass book
    Gasarbeid - Guest labour
    Christelike Nasionale Opvoeding - Christian National Education
    Slegs Blankes - Whites Only
    Groepsgebiede - Group Areas
    Twee amptelike landstale - Two official languages
    Tuisland - Bantustan
    Afsonderlike Ontwikkeling - Separate Development
    Totale Aanslag - Total Onslaught
    Burgerlike Samewerkingsburo - Civil Cooperation Bureau
    Samewerking en Ontwikkeling - Cooperation and Development
    Ontugpolisie - Immorality Police
    Aanhouding sonder verhoor - Detention without trial
    Verbode politieke organisasie - Banned political organisation
    Bantoe-administrasie - Bantu Administration
    Plurale Betrekkinge - Plural Relations
    Wet op Gemengde Huwelike - Mixed Marriages Act
    Bantoelokasie - Bantu Location
    Derdeklas Kompartement - Third Class Compartment
    Noodtoestand - State of emergency
    Baasskap - White Domination
    Apartheid - Apartheid
    Naturellesake - Native Affairs
    Swart Gevaar - Black Threat

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