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Cement, steel, wood, glue, sand
950mm X 950mm
Text: "With the greatest respect for your religious persuasion, your political bias, your sex, nationality and race, I send you straight to hell."

Katja Gentric and Willem Boshoff


  • As the author of clever satire, scoffs, taunts and revilings, a 'sillographist' is a politically well-informed individual who displays a healthy sense of cynicism and distrust. In Greek sillos is 'satirical poem'.


    Every wronged person finds it necessary to take a stand against those who act in a reprehensible way towards him or her and are often driven to express a curse. This condemnation, whether muttered in silence or shouted from a public place, is intended to follow the perceived miscreant into the grave, as a kind of bewitchment. Unfortunately, consigning a heinous fate to deplorable men and women is compromised because they have learnt to divert attention from their transgressions by evoking political correctness. They escape their deserved wrath by pleading that it is aimed at their sexual orientation, their race, or their political bias - they tend to hide behind the 'issues' mentioned in SILLOGRAPHIST.

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