The work consists of six light-weight banners, also called 'leaves,' strung up in mid-air from trees in a forest or from pillars, posts and the walls of buildings. Each of these 'leaves' is roughly 1100mm X 1000mm to 2000mm. The 'leaves' are kept in position on strong, almost invisible steel cables. The 'leaves' and what is affixed to them can form a line, a circle or can be hung at random, depending on the surrounding structures. They aim to bring to mind vulnerable text on crumpled paper or autumn leaves flitting about in the wind.


  • The idea for the work came about when I observed a small gust of wind carry around dry autumn leaves of beech trees in Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem, in the Netherlands. I have used the idea of the wind in previous works and here it struck me that wind needs the large trees and leaves in order to be heard and 'seen'. Wind is the breath or spirit of the physical world and the objects through which it 'speaks' are its 'vocal cords'. In Zulu, the word for wind is moya but it is also the word for 'spirit' and 'breath'. I am predominantly a language artist and I found words for the wind in oth