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Language installation: Type on paper, wood, paint on Masonite
Overall dimensions: 8m X 24m (variable)
Dimensions of one 'wall': 1200mm (height) X 1000mm (width) X 220mm (thickness)
Collection: Johannesburg Art Gallery

Writing that fell off the wall

  • "At first we had the land and the white man had the Bible.
    Now we have the Bible and the white man has the land."

    American Indian saying


    THE WRITING THAT FELL OF THE WALL consists of fourteen free-standing walls with solid labels strewn about them on the floor, spelling out various bankrupt ideologies in seven different languages. It is an installation, made for the Africus Biennale 1997 - Johannesburg. The theme of the Biennale was Trade Routes - History and Geography.

    The most important commodities offered for sale by Africa's colonists were ideological in nature. THE WRITING THAT FELL OF THE WALL provides a walkabout tour of this philosophical merchandise that has gone out of business. Its pathways grant a look at how idealistic assurances that were once proudly offered for sale by the pioneers, are disqualified.


    The Age of Enlightenment presented a