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Big Friendly Druid - Wanted Magazine

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Article: Wanted Magazine

Big Friendly Druid Willem Boshoff’s New Ways of Seeing


WITHIN 15 MINUTES, I HAVE STARED AT STACKS OF planks, paint splotches on tar, abandoned signs, the grooves on a worktable and, through barbed wire, a waiting train. A gaggle accompanies me, led by Willem Boshoff, whose progress through this film prop workshop nudged up against Cape Town railway station is even slower than my own. Boshoff stoops to investigate, taking close-up pictures of the seemingly insignificant. As he has told us earlier, he is seeing how the bones have fallen from this city’s giant hand. We are doing what Boshoff calls a Druid Walk. Late last year, he took curious Capetonians on a dozen of these, luring them to unusual, oft-ignored spots — such as the old Rhodes Zoo, and the back streets of Woodstock and the Bo-Kaap. Boshoff does not dispense much wisdom on these. For him, as much as for us, they are personal journeys — and his exhortation is clear: to see patterns in the ordinary, the abandoned; to embrace the texture.

Wanted Magazine, March 2014, pg 34 – 35

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